The Christmas Goat.

goatThat’s right folks.  No Christmas presents for our family this year.  Which is fine by me because I think I got all the presents I ever ‘needed’ about 10-15 years ago.   So this year, all the $10-$20 bills that were going to be spent on useless (HELLO trinkets and knick-knacks!) and redundant gifts (HELLO socks!) gifts are getting pooled together to purchase a goat for a family in Africa.

Our consumeristic ways are downright shameful and embarrassing.  The kids I see around my neighbourhood are spoiled little shits.  It doesn’t seem like any form of rocket science that if you give a kid anything they want, they will grow up not only with a silver spoon lodged firmly up their asses, but a skewed vision of reality and the value of a dollar.  And their demands will only go up – from Uggs, to Androids, to iPhones, to Macbooks to Audi’s to backpacking across Europe, to free tuition and to acceptance to the finest universities (wherever Daddy Warbucks can pull some strings with his promise of hefty donations).

I just want this Christmas to be a good one – back to the grassroots – where we’re not glued to a computer; where conversations are not abbr.; where board games trump video games; and before Facebook and Netflix were invented.   I want to just cozy up by an actual fireplace, playing Scrabble or doing a frustrating 1500 piece puzzle – the kind that makes you want to chew on your cigarettes and throw the pieces into the fire, yelling ‘WHAT THE FUCKKKK—- THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!’ but still, you play it all the same.

I guess this is a post to commemorate how utterly blessed we all are and, maybe in these economic times, we will stop and look at what we already have and remember there are people far worse off – who don’t get to decide if they should get the new Android or the latest iPhone; the vacation in Whistler or beach side in Cancun. Those less fortunate are struggling to decide if they can feed their children that day.

Here’s to hoping our society becomes less ‘me, me, me’ and more, ‘we, we, we’.


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