Day Two, Juice Fast


After watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, I decided to go on a juice fast.  But, before I did, I made peanut butter cookies – a kind of last ‘hurrah’ before embarking on a juice only fast and, last time I checked, juiced peanut butter cookies just don’t taste quite the same as just regular old peanut butter cookies.

So now I am on Day Two.  Although I guess I cheated because I still had some leftover peanut butter and I can’t just let it sit there by its lonesome.  And now it’s gone.  Apart from the peanut butter (oh and the small 85% Lindt chocolate bar) – I haven’t cheated! Oh, well I had a coffee this morning.  With milk.  But hey!  Those are all liquids too!  Alright.  I’m doing miserably.  Clearly this is going to take some major willpower if I’m to do this HONESTLY for 8 days.

I guess these first two days don’t really count then?  Well, they’re the unofficial two days of being on the fast.  The honorary two days, if you will.  

I will keep you updated on my progress.  Does dreaming of ketchup chips count as cheating?  What about drawing pieces of candy and eating them?  


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